Maple 101

7 Reasons to Choose Maple Products from Québec

Sought by the most discerning customers for their benefits and unique flavour,
Maple Products from Québec are a guarantee of quality, creativity and distinction for chefs
who add them to their dishes. Did you know that maple syrup and its derivatives such as sugar,
butter and vinegar come in a great variety of formats all year round?

Discover the benefits of Maple Products from Québec.


Health and wellbeing


Steady Supply


Easy substitution


The Benefits of Choosing Maple Products from Québec



Unique flavour


Industrial quality


Ecological wealth

01 Health and wellbeing


A natural sugar

Consumer demand for natural and minimally processed foods has been rising exponentially
for many years now. Maple Products from Québec are 100% pure, placing them at the heart of
this trend. Constituted of one ingredient—maple sap—they contain no artificial dyes or flavouring
and no preservatives. Conversely, maple products contain vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols.

02 Steady Supply


Guaranteed supply and constant quality

Thanks to the World Reserve of Maple Syrup, a 100% Québec initiative, supply is guaranteed all year round.
So is the taste of our maple syrup, produced at the rate of some 200,000 barrels each year in Québec and
uthenticated by our “maple sommeliers.” All these barrels of maple syrup are also inspected and graded
by an independent organization.

03 Easy substitution


A substitute for other sugars

For most recipes, maple syrup can easily be used to replace an equal amount of sugar. To substitute
for a cup of sugar, just reduce the quantity to 60 ml (¼ cup) of liquid in the recipe. If syrup is to be used
to replace a liquid sweetener like honey or agave syrup, just keep the quantity the same.
ou le sirop d’agave, la quantité reste la même.



A wide range of formats 

From bulk sizes to small containers for restaurants, there’s a great variety of formats on offer
from the many packagers of Maple Products from Québec who supply through FPAQ.

05 Unique flavour


Unrivalled taste, unrivalled pleasure

Maple Products from Québec are rich in the much-heralded fifth taste—umami. 
That’s why they enhance the taste of foods to which they’re added, 
and are sought by the greatest chefs in the world.

06 Industrial quality


Industrial-grade maple syrup at an excellent price

This maple syrup is made exclusively for the processing market, due to its organoleptic characteristics,
and at a more favourable price.

07 Ecological wealth


Unexpected environmental benefits

In Québec, the 34 million maple trees in production provide environmental goods and services essential
to human well-being. The monetary value of these goods and services amounts to 1 Billion dollars
(Canadian) per year.

The maple stands in operation are protected by the Loi québécoise sur la protection du territoire et des activités agricoles.
Each individual who chooses maple products contributes to not only ensuring the sustainability of these maple trees 
and their environment benefits, but also to increasing the area of natural forests under production.




Products and suppliers

Buy Maple Products from Québec

Select the maple product you wish to get a customized list of providers and their contact information.
To buy maple syrup by the barrel and/or NAPSI-certified maple water, consult, respectively, 
the Buy Maple Syrup from Québec in Bulk page, and the web site.

31 suppliers

Érablière Lanaudière inc.

5755, rue Véronique
Brossard (Québec) J4W 1G2
Michel Lacombe
1 450 465-4345

Érablière Nathalie Lemieux

216, rang 2 Est
Saint-André (Québec) G0L 2H0
Nathalie Lemieux
1 418 493-2873

Ferme Petite nature inc.

2911, rang 11
Inverness (Québec) G0S 1K0
Louise Bolduc
1 418 424-3253

Ferme Vifranc Inc.

163, Petit rang du Nord
Saint-Pamphile (Québec) G0R 3X0
Kevin Pelletier
1 418 356-3312
Cachère MK

Ferme Vifranc Inc.

163, Petit rang du Nord
Saint-Pamphile (Québec) G0R 3X0
Kevin Pelletier
1 418 356-3312
Cachère MK

Fruit d'érable

473, route de l'Église
Saint-Pierre-Baptiste (Québec) G0P 1K0
Yvon Gingras
1 418 453-2288

L.B. Maple Treat Corporation

1037, boul. Industriel
Granby (Québec) J2J 2B8
Claude Champagne
1 450 777-4464

La Ferme Martinette

1728, chemin Martineau
Coaticook (Québec) J1A 2S5
Lisa Nadeau
1 819 849-7089

La Ferme Martinette

1728, chemin Martineau
Coaticook (Québec) J1A 2S5
Lisa Nadeau
1 819 849-7089

Classification guidelines

The new government regulations for the classification of maple syrup are now in effect.
This new grading regime separates maple syrup into two categories and four colour classes.

As of December 13, 2016, maple products for export are labelled in accordance with the
new classification system. Containers of maple syrup for sale in Québec, however, may display
grading by the old or new regulations. Maple producers who sell only in Québec
have until December 2017 to change the labelling of their products
to reflect the new classification system.
Grade A 
Grade A maple syrup is obtained only by concentrating maple sap, does not ferment,
is clear and uniform in colour, is free of objectionable odor or taste,
and has a maple flavour characteristic of its colour class.
Processing Grade
Processing Grade maple syrup is obtained only by concentrating maple sap,
ut it does not qualify for Grade A. 



Classification maple products  |  PDF


Maple Products - Special Certifications

There are a number of different certifications for Maple Products from Québec, each attesting to
a particular mode of production and all affirming their superior quality. 

Organic Kosher NAPSI Other

Fact sheets

Find technical and commercial fact sheets from the
Quebec Maple Syrup Producers online, as follows:

Maple Syrup  |  PDF
Maple water in bulk  |  PDF
Maple water in small containers  |  PDF
Maple Sugar  |  PDF


As well as the following Nutrition Facts tables:

Maple Water in bulk  |  PDF
Maple Spread  |  PDF
Maple Syrup  |  PDF
Maple Taffy  |  PDF


And the following sales sheets :

Maple Syrup  |  PDF
Maple Water  |  PDF
Maple Sugar  |  PDF


In order to obtain the editable sale sheets in order to promote Quebec maple products, please communicate: Cathy Petitjean, Administrative Technician. E-mail: