The world reserve

There are presently 88.8 milion pounds, which represents 143 089 barrels of maple syrup in stock *

Maple sap is a natural product, the annual harvest of which depends on Mother Nature.
The quantity of maple syrup varies from year to year, depending on weather conditions and whether or not
they are conducive to sap flow. To ensure a constant supply of maple syrup to the markets, regardless
of the success of the last harvest, the Federation of Québec Maple Syrup Producers created the
World Reserve of Maple Syrup. Thanks to this unique initiative, introduced and financed by
Québec maple producers, a barrel of maple syrup, organic or classic, in any of the grades of colour,
can be purchased at any time of the year. The World Reserve also ensures price stability
for maple syrup, which benefits buyers, producers and consumers.

* As of February 19, 2019 

A record year

152.2 million pounds of maple syrup produced in 2017

Québec hit a record high in maple syrup production this year, with an amazing total
harvest of 152.2 million pounds. That would fill 24 Olympic swimming pools! It shatters
the previous record, set in 2016, of 148.2 million pounds. The bumper crop is mostly owed
to early spring warmth followed by persistently cool weather.