The Pursuit of Excellence, Support of Creativity and Promotion of Adaptability  

Founded in 1966, the Québec Maple Syrup Producers (Producteurs et productrices
acéricoles du Québec or PPAQ)
has made it its mission to defend and promote the economic,
social and moral interests of 7,300 maple enterprises in Québec, men and women who work
together to maintain quality standards and the collective promotion
and marketing of their products.

Québec accounts for 90% of Canadian maple syrup production and nearly 72%
of world production. By way of comparison, Ontario, New Brunswick
and Nova Scotia collectively produce 10% of the Canadian supply.

QMSP is proud to promote the Maple from Québec brand while also coordinating
the marketing efforts for Canadian maple products to the world, on behalf of
the entire industry. To this end, QMSP leads and directs the research efforts 
of the Réseau international d’innovation des produits d’érable du Canada.